Company founder Emanuel Sonneck

Company founder Emanuel Sonneck


From frost cutters to rechargeable battery power: What does a young ambitious man without funds do traveling around more than 140 years ago? He searches for a master, works hard and takes over the business… The story of success of the Sonneck Family:

In 1875 the company founder, Emanuel Sonneck, bought the weapon smithy from his master in Ybbsitz on the Eisenstraße and first manufactured frost cutters there, later on also pliers and chisels. Due to the turmoil of the wars that followed many smithies had to close – but thanks to the pioneering spirit and innovative ideas, Sonneck always remained an important employer in the region. With a lot of courage and commitment the Ybbsitz location has been able to survive up to the present, fifth !!! generation and expand the assortment to approx. 4,000 articles. Sonneck provides gardening tools, construction tools, snow shovels, ice scrapers etc. for do-it-yourself enthusiasts and specialists.

As toolmaker and producer, over 140 years Sonneck has built up a reputation for experience and expertise in manufacturing and material technology, as well as product development and marketing. Sonneck meets the changes in the market with efficient structures and an international network of experts and marketing. Partners as well as users appreciate the rock solid, guaranteed quality, sales support and perfect after-sales support. The continuously featured product innovations increase interest and demand. As a result our partners also profit sustainably.

Numbers & Data

  • Complete assortment: 4,000 articles
  • Sales network: whole Europe
  • global procurement
  • Number of employees: 25