Summer – Sun – Holidays…. Who does not dream of it? Of course: your plants, because they still need water. But who pours when you are not at home? We have the solution: the Sonneck Solardripper! Watering your plants is no longer a problem.
The Solardripper is the optimal representation for watering – not only during the holiday, but for the whole year! Even if you don’t have the green thumb!

The application is child’s play – only 4 handles and the automatic irrigation of your plants can begin:
1. Fill the bottle with water
2. Screw the inner cone of the doser onto the bottle
3. Insert the outer cone of the doser to the plant
4. Put the bottle on – done!



Solar radiation, ambient temperature and filling volume influence the drip speed of the solar dropper:


The black dosing cones are for plants with low water consumption, the red one is for plants with a lot of water consumption. The water dispenser sets contain a water bottle with a dosing cone and an outside cone. Conventional glass or plastic bottles of any size with EU screw cap can also be used for the dosing cones.

Not only for your houseplants, the solar drip is ideal, also vegetable plants (tomatoes, cucumbers, …) thrive wonderfully!