Hardness test: forklift runs over ICE EDGE One

By 16. October 2015News

The latest development of Sonneck, snow mover ICE EDGE One with special shovel blade made of robust as well as light polycartbonat, is really the (ice-)king among all snow movers available at the market!

Before starting serial production we convinced ourselves of this overwhelming quality and put the newcomer of SNOWMASTER range to an extraordinary hard test: our forklift rans over the shovel blade.

The result let us nodding our heads happily. Although the shovel blade was busted by the weight of forklift, after the test no dent, deformation or stress whitening could have been discovered. Only small scratch marks of grit on asphalt street remained as witness of this gross ill-treatment. But this doesn´t hold our prototype back to fulfil ist obligation in winter time: moving snow ….till the (next) forklift comes.